Who is Joed Lopez?

Simply put, I am passionate about making a difference in the education and nonprofit sector. My interests are education (duh), technology, organizational strategy, productivity, philosophy/religion, and oh, can't forget this one, politics.

Because I am constantly thinking and talking about all of these crazy and cool things, I speak, write, and do a little bit of consulting as a means to share and help others in a fun and honest way.

I also host the Q2 Podcast (check us out on iTunes). I have interviewed and picked the minds of social entrepreneurs, change agents, activists, and presidents of colleges and universities of the likes of Geoffrey Canada (featured in the award winning documentary, Waiting for Superman)Tim Wise (author featured on CNN, ABC, 20/20), and many others.

Joed was former Regional Director for the National Society of Leadership and Success and former EOF Assistant Director of EOF at Caldwell University. He has a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Caldwell and a studied Sociology at Montclair State University.